What Is AIS + S?

AIS + S is a remarkable physical therapy and/or sports performance modality that also often relieves pain, both chronic and acute.  It can free your range of motion to improve your posture or your game.  AIS was developed by Aaron Mattes. By studying the origin, insertion, and action of every muscle, Mattes has created an impressive body of work which includes over 400 stretches.  AIS works with soft tissue, including deep fascial planes (some of which once seemed impossible to reach) bringing in fresh blood and oxygen, freeing and aligning fibers of muscle and fascia.

One of the most notable traits of AIS is that it works with the body’s natural reflexes, creating fast results.  With rhythmic breathing and less than 1 pound of pressure, the tissues are taken respectfully beyond their current range of motion.  In a single set of ten, easy, two-second repetitions of AIS, the tissues are often able to increase anywhere from five to more than twenty degrees  ROM.  (And when you add up the muscles in the chain, the results are often spectacular!*) The dramatic increases with Active Isolated Stretching are possible because by actively engaging one muscle, the muscle that performs the opposite muscle must relax (Sherrington’s Law).  Read more.


  • Improves oxygenation and nutrition of myofascial structures, promoting growth and repair.
  • Stimulates the circulation and drainage of lymph, which helps eliminate metabolic wastes (flushes tissues).
  • Improves flexibility and elasticity of muscles, tendons, and fascia.
  • Restores ROM.  Optimizes function.  Improves neurological response.
  • Breaks down “gluing” among fascial sheathes.
  • Separates fibers and releases adhesions that result from trauma or inflammation.
  • Realigns collagen fibers. Reduces muscle spasm. Reduces the risk of muscle strain or tear.
  • Facilitates neuro-muscular re-education for dynamic functional ROM.


Athletes: AIS + S is idea for athletes who want to run faster, jump higher, be stronger, or play better.  Do you need to change directions quickly?  Recover faster?  Athletes understand the important of optimal range of motion, strengthened joints, and proper alignment.

People in pain: A.I.S.+S. often succeeds even where other therapies have not.  A.I.S.+S. restores function, thereby relieving the actual root cause of the pain.         A.I.S.+S. is based in the principles of how the body really works; it’s scientific.                      AIS is soft tissue therapy at its best.

Everybody else: Even if you don’t identify as an athlete or have physical pain you are ready to move beyond, please go ahead and call to reserve your complementary treatment! Why? A.I.S.+S. defies description: A.I.S.+S. needs to be experienced to be understood. Leonardo DaVinci said “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”; A.I.S.+S. is simple yet profound.

Add grace to your movement, strength to your game and professional levels of training to your performance! Whether you’re a professional dancer or athlete, or a “weekend warrior”, give yourself a life without “morning aches.”

* Many people come in saying, “I’d like to increase the range of motion in my hamstrings – I can’t touch my toes“.  So in addition to using AIS to open up their hamstrings, I’ll open their glutes, calves, and back for the full effect of freeing up their entire posterior chain.  This gives a great result!

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