“Diane Waye is one of the people I count on to help me teach Active Isolated Stretching to professionals….the outstanding San Francisco based trainer/therapist has thousands of hours experience training and rehabilitating serious athletes….Diane’s ability to create maximum flexibility and strength for weak, trauma affected and imbalanced joints due to injury, surgery, muscle disease, over-training or age factors is unparalleled in results….skilled at teaching home programs….I highly endorse Diane Waye for the rapid results you desire.”

-Aaron Mattes, MS, R.K.T, L.M.T, Creator of Active Isolated Stretching and Strengthening

“I enjoy regular Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) sessions with Diane Waye of StretchingbytheBay in San Francisco to help me perform optimally and avoid injury.” –Magdalena Lewy, 4th fastest U.S. female marathoner, 2008 Beijing Olympic Marathoner

“You saved my career! Active Isolated Stretching is allowing me to rehabilitate my hands for many more years of magic healing touch. I will be using it with my massage clients, but it is the self-care aspect of AIS that will even make that possible”-Tara Shorely, CMT

“The ride was easier and the recovery faster because I’d been StretchingByTheBay with Diane” -Antonia Cardone, Avid Cyclist   & Competitor in The Kluane Chilkat International Bike Relay 6/2014


“Diane Waye is by far the best sports therapist I have ever been to!  Before my friend recommended her to me, I was just going to massage centers to get deep tissue massages on my legs.  That worked only for a little while; I found a lot of my running injuries to resurface within a couple of weeks (I run competitively).  Diane has been teaching me the art of Active Isolated Stretching, and it has been working phenomenally for me.  In my first visit, she eliminated my IT band injury.  On my next visit, she fixed my runner’s knee.  Not only are her teachings keep me injury-free, but they’re made my workouts better thus far into my marathon training.  I feel like I’m so much more flexible now, and it’s been showing in my workouts!  Bottom line is that Diane has been great!  I will continue to see her once a month, like I have been doing, and I would recommend her to anyone who is having muscle injuries in their feet or their legs.” – Brent L., competitive runner

“After my first marathon, I struggled for a few months with a bad hip injury.  I visited doctors, chiropractors, PTs, to get help, but my pain would eventually come back.  Feeling desperate about not being able to run, I decided to visit Diane.  The week before I visited her, I was in really bad hip and back pain, and taking about 8 ibuprofen pills a day.  The first session consisted of two hours of assisted stretching, and during that very first session, my pain was gone.  Diane stretched muscles I never even felt before.  She’s really great at what she does.  She taught me a series of stretches that I do on my own.  Now, 3 months later, I still feel great and I’m training for my second marathon pain-free.  I still religiously do all the stretching exercises that she gave me.” – Linda A., runner  August 2011


“After only three sessions with Diane Waye my stride lengthened so my running speed increased by over a minute a mile and I felt less tired and sore afterwards, even after a 10.7 mile race over hills at altitude in Tahoe.” – John Windle

(here’s the email update one month later re: the SF 1/2 marathon:  “thought you’d be proud to know your runner broke his PR by 11 minutes to run 2:07 (previous best 2:18)!”  next we’ll be working on upper body strength and all over power – just watch!

“Because of Diane, my dad is walking.” -Lee Ramirez, about her 87 year old father, Ramon, owner of Don Ramon’s Mexican Restaurant. feb 2009

“I’m delighted to be introduced to the powerful work of AIS – The Mattes Method.  As a conscious movement teacher & practitioner, I deeply appreciate the simplicity & elegance of this method to stimulate sensation and actively release tension in the body.  I was able to bring healing vitality to my lower back & hips in profound ways in a short time.” – Karri Winn, NIA Black Belt Teacher

“AIS+S (assisted isolated stretching + strengthening) is the most outstanding method I have experienced for helping the total body to function correctly. I came to Diane Waye after suffering from a whiplash injury that caused me considerable pain. She helped with my body alignment and in releasing muscle spasms. I even was able to straighten my knees(which I had assumed were frozen) I believe in this system whole heartedly.”  – JLL, Novato


“I first met with Diane after a back spasm seemed to come out of nowhere, paralyzing me for several days and making me realize that my usual work out regimen had begun to do me more harm than good.  After my first session with Diane I got significant relief and was amazed to walk out taller and straighter.  I immediately found myself raising my desk monitor to my new eye level and bringing my car seat several notches forward.  We revised my training regimen, and I was soon able to get my strength back….I found Diane to be highly knowledgeable regarding the complete human form, function and psyche….and very much appreciated how she actively thought through and cared about the individual concerns I presented her.  Diane quickly gained my trust, making my sessions with her especially constructive.”  – Nick J.  (Consultant)


In 1989 I damaged my lower back, for the next 20 years, I accepted lower back pain as part of my life. I met Diane almost 3 years ago, AIS and Diane changed my life, I no longer have any lower back issue. Period! Gone! I turned 60 years old last week. I am stronger and healthier than I was 20 years ago.  I am a strong proponent of Regenerative Medicine. Diane Waye and her thoughtful and professional application of AIS changed my life. Thank you Diane


“One moment of carelessness, over 30 years ago, left me with broken bones, traumatic arthritis and living with pain. Just walking was often a painful chore. My range of motion in the ankles was extremely limited.

Then I had the good fortune to meet Diane. Wow! She is caring and competent, very professional — and she has mastered techniques I’d never experienced, nor even heard of, before.

In just one session, which lasted nearly three hours, she broke down adhesions, improved my circulation, increased my range of motion, and had me walking normally, without pain! I’ve been to chiropractors, physical therapists and masseuses, but I’ve never before had this kind of relief.

And it lasts! A week later, I am still ‘walking on air,’ and I’ve been given ‘homework’ exercises to help me maintain and progress.

Thanks, Diane!”  – Capt Phil Graf, Sebastopol, CA


“AIS has been a great addition to my rehab for peroneal tendinitis. After being treated by Diane I felt instant relief and a more natural stride when running. Diane taught me how to do the stretches on my own, allowing me to continue to maintain my optimal muscle length and continue to run pain free.”  – Cosette Smith, Physical Therapy Intern

WHY ELASTICITY MATTERS (a phone message from a sf firefighter): 

“I really need to thank you, Diane!  We got a call towards the end of my shift at 4am this morning….sleeping…. as I was sliding down the pole I noticed that one of my legs was caught on the platform in an awkward position, and I thought, ‘that’s going to hurt later’….when we got back from the fire I did some of the stretches you’ve taught me, and now I’m fine.  When I saw the position my knee was in, I really didn’t think it would be ok; but it was and I credit the (elasticity producing!)  AI stretching I’ve been doing with you!”  – Patrick T., San Francisco FireFighter


“6 months ago I blew out my knee.  I couldn’t straighten it, even after the cortisone shot my doctor gave. Diane did her magic (Active Isolated Stretching and Strengthening) on it for 3 hours.  When she was done I could stand equally on both legs with both knees straight.  The next day I felt so good that I went for a jog.  I have a lot of energy — it feels great to be athletic again! Thanks!”  – Jonathan,  Graphic Artist, Skateboard Artist and Model  (24 yrs old)

(PS from Diane:  “I recommend easing back into vigorous activity….”)


“I really enjoyed the class you taught!  After your class I felt great for days, actually weeks….I believe my posture improved….you’re the best!  Thank you so much!”  – Lynn, of Beaver Brothers, SF


“Speaking of stretching, I recently hired a stretching specialist, Diane Waye, to help me loosen up my chronic shoulder pain. When I was a kid playing little league baseball, I was told to pitch the baseball as hard as I could. This resulted in a lot of strikeouts and a lot of beaned batters and it resulted in fibrosis (muscle hardening) of my left shoulder muscles. After one session with Diane, I could move my shoulder without pain for the first time in more decades than I dare to tell you.

I decided to send other patients to her who had muscle or tendon problems that I could not entirely help with chiropractic, physical therapy and massage therapy. Every single one of those patients has had a fantastic response (see one of the testimonials below).

Diane specializes in a technique called Active Isolated Stretching and Strengthening (AIS&S) which, when combined with her expertise in teaching Anusara yoga, creates greater flexibility, function and freedom from pain. ‘Bodies are meant to move freely and joyfully. The body has a remarkable ability to heal… I’ve seen so many miraculous results using this technique,’ says Diane. She adds, ‘This method works great with chiropractic care because both techniques aim to restore functional range of motion to all of the joints, which frees up nerve pinching and relaxes chronically shortened muscles.’

Even if you eat more food and gain more weight than you want to this holiday season, I guarantee you, after one session with Diane, at least you’ll be able to get up from the table and get to the couch without any stiffness! Even if you do get off your routines, be kind to yourself. Accept that you are off your normal track and do not feel guilty. Beating yourself up only makes your immune system weaker from this self-imposed stress. Use the holidays to practice being kind to yourself and others. Practice being thankful for any and everything that you have especially your family and friends.

To help keep you stretching during the holidays, I am inviting you to take advantage of her web site offer (www.dianewaye.com) of a complementary half hour analysis, evaluation and brief treatment.

Dr. Schillinger

July 2007

Dr. Schillinger’s patient’s Testimonial, regarding Diane Waye…

“Thank you for referring me to Diane Waye for physical therapy on my left shoulder. I have seen the x-rays of my shoulder and understand how bad the situation is. I have to admit, she worked me “hard”, but I was able to reach positions with my upper left arm that I have not reached in years. In fact, even trying to reach over my head was painful. I now have hope that surgery may not be required. I would recommend Diane to anyone with muscle and joint problems that many people face as they grow older.” – H.V.D., July 2007

“Diane, Thank you so much for all you did for me today. What a marvelously delicious sensation to feel the entire length of my legs as I walked, especially up into the glutes…. I also noticed an immediate change in my piano technique. A large part of it is eluding an accurate articulation ~ it’s as if my fingers were at the same time heavier and more agile. There was no question there was a marked improvement in speed, agility, nuance and accuracy. I was completely thrilled. I was doing things I had never been able to do before. And we’ve only just begun!

My gut feeling is that I have searched a long time for you and I am deeply grateful I finally found you. I am so ready for this and it feels so right for me right now. You have just the right touch, words and style to balance my over-thinking and arrogance. I bow to your knowledge, wisdom and experience. I have to admit to a certain amount of trepidation as it is abundantly clear that I will be venturing into completely new territory. Given that, I expect the work will have some emotionally and psychologically challenging aspects as well.

Thank you for taking me on and I look forward to hearing from you and working with you. It just feels like one of those things that is meant to be and will do me a lot of good — more than I can imagine.” – Tim, Music Director & Pianist


“Thank you so much Diane – I’m taking long walks like I did in my 30’s….You saved my hip…. straightened my knee and my toes….my bone density has improved 3% in the past 3 months of working with you and doing my homework…. My posture is better than ever…. I’m actually taller!” – Dori (82 yrs young)



“I wholeheartedly recommend Diane Waye for superior Active Isolated Stretching and Strengthening. I was looking for 2 things and Diane tailor made a program just for me. For the first time ever, I was experiencing S I joint pain and sciatica. This had to end right away, as I was preparing to preside over SF’s Grand Carnaval Parade. Also, for the first time, I wanted to develop a body sculpting routine. Diane met both needs swiftly, and provided me with exercises to continue to keep my body happy, healthy and well toned. Plus, she is a delightful spirit to work with. Very enthusiastic, intuitive, and impeccably trained. Make an appointment with Diane today! Your body will thank you!” – Queen Kellita, Head Feather of Hot Pink Feathers dance company

ARTICLE by DOCTORS BEN BENJAMIN & JEFFREY HAGGQUIST:  http://www.massagetherapy.com/articles/index.php/article_id/1848/Active-Isolated-Stretching%3A-The-Mattes-Method-Part-2