Recommendation by Aaron Mattes

Aaron L. Mattes MS. RKT. LMT

Active Isolated Stretching

To Whom Concerned:

I began developing Active Isolated Stretching 45 years ago.  This program of stretching and strengthening is also called “The Mattes Method”  Active Isolated Stretching is an ongoing scientifically developed program which is movement based using isolated joint effects which are specifically employed for training, pre-habilitation and rehabilitation.  This body work is historically used to improve athletic performance, increase body conditioning and reverse postural conditions.  Active isolated movements relieve painful muscles, joints, nerves and connective tissue and employed to improve neurological conditions including spinal cord problems, stroke, parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis.

Ms. Diane Waye, 870 market Street, San Francisco, California 94102 is a well qualified therapist and teacher of Active Isolated Stretching: The Mattes Method, (AIS).  She has 18 years of taking AIS seminars, assisting Aaron Mattes as a teaching assistant to the present.  She has been teaching AIS clinics and seminars for 15 years.

Diane Waye has been an AIS therapist since 1997.  Her experience includes numerous sports injuries, pediatric and geriatric problems, orthopedic and neurological problems.  She has worked in many clinics with highly qualified AIS instructors.

It is without hesitation that I recommend Ms. Diane Waye as an Advanced Instructor of Active Isolated Stretching: The Mattes Method.


Aaron L. Mattes MS. RKT. LMT