Product Recommendations

AIS Books & DVD’s:  Please go to my mentor’s site: just as I do!  Or phone The Mattes @ (941) 922-1939 est.  (If you come to my office in SF, you may get them from me)  Thank You Aaron Mattes for developing this body of work that improves so many lives!  It’s an honor to share AIS!

AARON MATTES’ ACTIVE ISOLATED STRETCHING.  This is the book we have been waiting for!  Incredibly user-friendly with a vast wealth of knowledge, making self-care & client care accessible to all! Aaron Mattes’ newest book (Nov 2012) will enhance even more lives with its clarity – a Masterpiece!

Specific Stretching for Everyone  is the new layperson’s manual for mastering a home flexibility program.  Most of my clients have this book and we mark the stretches as you learn them for your home program.

Active Isolated Strengthening, The Mattes Method is what I use to “lock in” the functionality of new expanded range of motion and joint stability personally and professionally.

Inversion swing and stand:  go to  I love inverting!  You may need to build up strength for it…

book review: Honest Medicine: Effective, Time-Tested, Inexpensive Treatments for Life-Threatening Diseases (Paperback)

Honest Medicine is indeed a public service to anyone who has been touched by MS, other auto-immune diseases, liver disease, epilepsy and more. I am sure this includes most of us by less than 6° of separation. Like a good novel, it’s an easy reading page turner, and yet the information Julia shares has the potential to greatly improve, or even save your life.  …


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