Diane Waye, Active Stretch & Strength Specialist (AIS) Director of Education @ & Owner of StretchingbytheBay –

the contact link w bluehost keeps breaking 😦  here is my email:        

The James Flood Building,

870 Market Street, suite 1019

San Francisco, CA 94102


(texting is how to reach me ‘day-of’)

From the Bay Bridge, or from South, I use 5th or 7th St. X’s:

If you’d like to park in the 5th & Mission Garage, come up 5th St, take a right on Mission, and there you are. (Now just walk one block to Market St, cross, and walk Right 1/4 block.)

Or park in the Ellis/O’Farrell garage @ 123 O’Farrell St 94102, come out the Ellis St entrance and simply walk across the street to The James Flood Building’s back entrance.

From the Golden Gate Bridge:

I have a second location near the GG bridge w easy parking!   (a colleague’s home studio near Seacliff)

Or consider the Ellis Street Garage, North of Market for my primary location.  Come in the Ellis entrance.

If you don’t live in SF, please be aware:

Never park in a red zone; park in a yellow zones only after 6pm (read the sign) never park in a white zone; most meters in this neighborhood are through 6pm, and are in effect on Saturdays (always read the signs).

From BART:

the Powell St BART station is 1/2 block from my office; simply exit @ Powell, be on the North side of Market St, (Halliday Plaza if possible) and walk 1/4 block towards downtown; many MUNI buses stop less than a block from our front door:

from the financial district it’s a smidge before 5th St, and from the ocean it’s just beyond Powell…. Directly across from Bloomingdale’s main entrance…