it’s not just stretching!


Grace, beauty, and the ability to move efficiently catch my eye.

I love to watch the action that person does in their sport or game, and help to create pathways that allow the athlete to perform more effectively!

Posture is often obstructed by restrictions in range of motion – good posture is possible only when a person can achieve “anatomical neutral” at the very least.  And good function is accessible when something even closer to “optimal range of motion” is part of an individual’s movement repertoire.

Because I have the skills of Active Isolated Stretching and Strengthening, (and I understand how the body works), I am able to help a person open their bio-mechanics to own the movements that they want to do, whether it’s good posture, excelling at athletics, or walking in their 90’s!

AIS is also helpful for people with any number of neurological diseases.  You can learn AIS and do it at home.  We want you to!  I can help you design a program tailored to your needs & goals.  Good health is in your hands!


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