food ~ nutrition

on my fridge is a magnet saying,

“try ‘health food’!  ~ or as your grandparents called it: ‘food'”

(yes, I put spirulina in my coconut water most mornings, and take some vits, but here’s what I recently wrote to one of my pro athletes:)
nutrition for max muscle & energy, and minimum fat:

the first thing any of us is going to say is “Drink More Water”!!! a gallon/day at least for (him). Our bodies are 80% water like the earth.
It’s a game of timing of intake of various needed nutrients too – protein/branched chain aminos after a workout;
fruit in the morning helps cleanse the system; smart meals multiple X’s throughout the day stoke the furnace.
Eat green veggies every day.  Lots of veggies.  Avoid processed foods, esp gmo frakenfooods.
Eat at least 80% mindful intake (maybe 90 or more) which still gives you 1-20% to drink or eat cookies and ice cream.
My ‘older’ Olympians eat mega quantities of Quinoa & kale, with moderate portions of fish & meat.
One of my swimmers swears by coconut oil -lots of people do, including me! Food should be Organic if possible.
Avoiding processed food is important – the closer to the earth, the better.  As an NFL linebacker, you need more protein than the long-distance runners.  High quality fats are a good way to get nutrition!  Coconut Oil or coconut milk, and nuts such as almonds or macadema.  In Europe the standards for food are higher than most of the USA, but here in our beloved SF Bay Area, we have many options to choose high quality real food!

Antibiotics upset the intestinal flora – while they’re killing bad bugs, they’re killing good ones too – so taking probiotics is a way to re-build your system; probiotics is what makes yoghurt good for you, but you can get a ‘medicinal’ dose at your health food store.  My fav/most effective is ‘probiotic pearls’ which are tiny, don’t need refrigeration, and are guaranteed to get to where they are supposed to go. Probiotics are part of your immune system.

Most indigestion comes from improper food combining, although some people are sensitive than others, so –
Rule # 1 (Natural Hygene) – eat fruit alone
(a few berries in your oatmeal is no biggie, but watermelon for desert is digestive assault – great on an empty stomach though)
some people swear by not combining protein and carbs.  ie, veggies and rice OR veggies and meat – my digestion is very sensitive but not in that way so rule # 2 never caught my attention.  Just go w natural carbs, not stuff you can’t pronounce.
Nuts & seeds can be very good for most people, esp athletes in need of high caloric intake… speaking of oils:
good fats include avocado, hemp seed oil, and coconut oil.  Olive oil and pure organic butter can be good too.
I don’t know how canola oil got a good reputation – it’s not.  I’m sure I don’t need to mention the perils of deep frying…
I am a huge fan of anti-oxidants!! also spirulina & green drinks!  I drink coconut water nearly every morning.
& I just ordered veggie juice delivery service to take better care of my busy self 🙂


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