About Diane

Diane Waye has been a trainer and healer in San Francisco for over 25 years, and is a continuing education provider for the American Council on Exercise, NCBTMB, and Aaron Mattes.  (She also has been a teacher of Yoga & Pilates. (ACE certified, RYT, etc.) Diane has been sharing the benefits of A.I.S.+S. for 18 years now, and recently returned from an immersion apprenticeship w/ her mentor Aaron Mattes at his clinic. Diane is known for her joyful and insightful application of A.I.S.+S.

Diane Waye has over 26,000 hours of AIS clinical experience – including over 3,000 hrs with Aaron Mattes! She also has over 2000 hrs of training in Anusara Yoga (including a year long teacher training intensive).

“Bodies are meant to move freely and joyfully!  Reduced range of motion often equals pain; by restoring functional range of motion and strength we enhance ability and ease of movement.  It is my pleasure and honor to assist you with your goals, whether for athletic excellence or healing.  I believe in our ability to heal, because I’ve seen (and assisted) with so many “miraculous” shifts…”

Diane has nearly 3 decades experience empowering people with healthy fitness.  Come see what the buzz is about!