MonaVie’s Acai:

A motorcycle accident 11 years ago left me dealing with some serious challenges.  MonaVie’s Acai drink has helped me with the inflammation in my neck dramatically in a just a few months!

Here’s a letter I wrote to a doctor friend of mine:

MonaVie has more than 10X the antioxidant as blueberries, cranberries, & pomegranates! Dr Perricone’s #1 super-food (The Perricone Promise, as featured on Oprah)

It’s great for inflammatory conditions, beautiful skin, health, and it represents as much as 7-13 servings of fruits and veggies we’re supposed to be eating. It’s delicious, elegant & easy to drink. Recommended servings costs less than $5/day retail.

It’s great for the rain forest, which is 20% of the world’s lungs! The indigenous people are paid a good wage to shimmy up trees to harvest the fruit (it looks like giant bunches of grapes) and then the berries are flash freeze-dried. Other exotic and common fruits and berries are mixed in to produce a synergistic blend of vitamins and enzymes.

(Avoid ordering “hearts of palm” – this is the top of the tree and cutting it off kills the tree) MonaVie’s harvest of the acai berry (from the same tree) is totally sustainable!!!
While, there are other acai berry drinks on the market, MonaVie is the only one w the patent-pending flash-freeze-dried process that preserves the nutrition. MonaVie does this w/in the first 24 hours of the harvest to ensure the highest quality!)

The financial opportunity is huge. Wall Street Journal Forecaster, Maria Ramirez, believes that MonaVie is positioned to be at the top of the trillion dollar wellness industry.  The founders of this company have had other successful companies before; this one is only 4 yrs old, and was out of debt in 2!) Mona Vie uses a team-building system (Whole Foods can’t sell it), however retail is great at places with appointments. MonaVie is a hit at chiro offices and the Ritz Carlton Spa!  Also know that MonaVie is debt-free….

  • Good for people (antioxidant super food)
  • Good for the Planet (provides financial incentive for local people to protect Amazon Rainforest & harvest sustainable berries)
  • Financial goldmine (one of my friends is making $16,000.00/wk…)
  • The M.O.R.E. project is helping orphans off the streets in Brazil

I look forward to continuing this conversation w you!
Thank You!             415 407-3874