Active Isolated Stretching & Strengthening with Diane Waye

Light years beyond static stretching, Active Isolated Stretching (and Strengthening), The Mattes Method is a myofascial release technique used by many of the top Olympic and professional athletes to create significant improvements in performance through expanded range of motion superior to any stretch technique we’ve seen. This is the work from which the Wharton’s books are drawn, originally created by Aaron Mattes.

Active Isolated Stretching produces remarkable elasticity protecting against injuries and often reverses chronic pain. Sciatica and frozen joints are often relieved permanently with A.I.S.+S. More about AIS


               for Bay Area Residents (INCLUDES AIS)
Allow your own body to experience an expanded range of motion and function or release of chronic pain in just that 1/2 hour taste! … or simply delight in an increased energy flow!

“Because of Diane, my dad is walking” – Lee Ramirez, speaking about her father Don Ramon, owner of Don Ramon’s Mexican Restaurant, at 87 years of age.

         “I highly endorse Diane Waye for the rapid results you desire.”  – Aaron Mattes, MS, R.K.T, L.M.T, Creator of Active  Isolated Stretching & Strengthening

Diane Waye, Owner of Stretching by the Bay
A.I.S. + S. Specialist

The James Flood building, 870 Market Street, Suite 1019,

San Francisco, CA 94102